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When you are looking for one of the recognized leaders in the field of consumer electronics servicing for the repair of your television sets, speakers and other audio appliances and home theater systems you have simply got to go with RepairTV! It doesn't matter if your location is near that of the London Dungeons or as far away as Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus, if you need quick,efficient and professional repair services for your consumer electronics appliances we are the company to approach.


Quite simply we cover London, Surrey, Middlesex, Kent, Sussex, Southern Essex, Southern Hertfordshire while we are continuing to expand our geographical reach. Our aim is to get to you as soon as possible to get you enjoying your television experience as soon as possible.


To make an enquiry, please call us on 0208 337 8000 or email us at enquiries@cesn.co.uk


Contact us:

call us - 0208 337 8000
email us - enquiries@cesn.co.uk